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When Reacting With Sarcasm

For varied reasons, ranging from wanting to make others laugh to being considered witty, or because of being simply frustrated at a situation, we can find ourselves using sarcasm. But what is sarcasm?

Yet another manifestation of anger.

We may view ourselves as amusing, but we’re heedlessly belittling another person or some situation. There’s a valid reason why the Greeks defined sarcasm as “tearing flesh.”

Before glibly tossing out another sarcastic quip, we need to figure out why we feel inclined to do so. So that others will laugh? So that they think us sophisticated with our rapier wit? Surely, we can manage to make others laugh without resorting to disrespect and ridicule.

We also need to remind ourselves that our sharp remarks nurture tension in others on a subtle level as well as plant seeds for our own future belittlement.

-Our Daily Practice, Venerable Wuling

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