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Established in Feb 1999, the Amitabha Buddhist Association of New South Wales Inc is located in Sydney, Australia. The Association was established under the guidance of Venerable Master Chin Kung and is affiliated with Pure Land Centres and Amitabha Buddhist Associations worldwide, the purpose being to learn and practice Pure Land Buddhism and undertake multi-faith peace.


Pure Land Buddhism is an essential part of the Mahayana or Northern School of Buddhism. It teaches an easy method of attaining single mind meditative state by repetition of the Buddha name "Amitabha" which means Infinite Life, Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Light. It is the most popular form of Buddhism practiced worldwide, especially in Asian countries such as Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore etc. It is believed that by practicing the Pure Land Method that one’s mind will become purified and thus one inhabits a Pure Land in this very life.


Master Chin Kung had spent over 60 years in Buddhism Dharma talks across the world. He emphasised that Buddhism is not a religion but an education for harmonious living.

Besides Dharma talks, he devoted his time to world peace, interfaith harmony, and propagation of education for loving-kindness and peace. In recognition of his achievements, he was awarded honorary doctorate degrees and professorships by universities in Australia and internationally. 

Master Chin Kung said, "Education is essential for lasting peace and prosperity. All Gods are One and all faiths are brothers like branches of the same tree.”

Master Chin Kung passed away peacefully at the age of 96.

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For over two decades, Amitabha Buddhist Association of NSW has been providing activities that are free to the general public. The Association’s library opens 365 days, offering free moral education books and Buddhism
books, CDs and DVDs in English, Mandarin and Vietnamese languages. Chanting services are held weekly, whilst Thrice Yearning Ceremonies are held twice a year to pray for world peace and commemorate the ancestors. In addition, there are morality classes for adults and children and other activities.

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