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Weekly Meditation

Meditation retreats are hosted every Saturday and Sunday for people of all ages. See the benefits of a clear mind, reduction of mental noise and an elevated level of consciousness.

The retreat includes a rich variety of activities, such as sutra recitation, Buddha name chanting, walking meditation, sitting meditation and bowing as a sign of respect to our teacher, the Buddha.

Youth Group

AMTB NSW youth group is comprised of young people who encourage each other in spiritual growth. 

We seek to understand Buddhism and the essence of life through stories from the sutras, dharma talks, team activities and volunteering, games and outings.



The Association provides scripture and morality classes for children and adult in English, Mandarin and Vietnamese.

There are ongoing classes on the teaching of Di Zi Gui, a book based on the ancient teachings of Confucius, which provides the basis of being a good person and living in harmony with others.

Other classes include dharma classes provided by Venerable Master Xue Wu.


Services to the Community

Currently, the Association provides teachers for weekly scripture teaching in NSW State Schools for Buddhist students.

We also provide free distribution books during community festivals and events.


Events and Ceremonies

The Association hosts the Thrice Yearning Ceremony twice yearly.

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