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Touch the Buddha within you


Melodic and relaxing music for chanting to or playing in the background.

Music: Peace
Foggy Lake

Music with chanting that calms the mind and soul.

Music: Serenity
Soothing Bell

Pure Land meditation is the chanting of the name "Amitabha Buddha" which is "Amituofo" in Chinese. As we become absorbed by the sound of the Buddha name, we become one with the Buddha within ourselves.

Music: Meditate
Buddha Statue
Pure Mind Anywhere

As one keeps chanting and the mind focuses on the sound of "Amituofo," errant thoughts are replaced with pure thoughts. In this way, we also create less negative karma. After Amitabha has been in our mind continuously for a long time, our true nature—our Buddha-nature—will gradually be uncovered.

We can do this anywhere and anytime. Mindfulness of Amitabha can accompany activities such as walking, driving, cooking, or simply being. 

Music: Pure Mind
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