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Forget About Jealousy

Instead rejoice at other's meritorious deeds.

One of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva's ten great vows is to rejoice at other's meritorious deeds. Although this vow is a high level practice undertaken by bodhisattvas, we can still begin to incorporate it into our practice.

This vow of being happy at other's good actions helps us counter jealousy. Upon seeing something that others have accomplished that we dream about, we often sucuumb to jealousy.

We mutter to ourselves, "why them?" Because they have planted to right seeds and the right conditions have matured. "Why not me?" Because either we didn't plant the seeds, or our conditions haven't matured yet

"Okay. But do I have to feel happy for them?" Yes, because they did something good. (Thats the meritorious bit).

Accomplishing something good is not always easy. The right seeds and conditions need to mature - at the same time. So lets get over our lethargy and pouting and celebrate those who manage to shine for they deserve our heartfelt delight and applause.


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