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When Inclined to Take the Easy Way Out

When confronted with an unappealing job, we often resist. Not because we question whether it is appropriate to do, whether we lack the necessary skills, or other reasons, all valid.

The chore is something we just don’t feel like doing. So, day after day a discomfort stirs inside us. It reminds us of the task, looming large, still uncompleted. And, once again, our response is delay. Aversion. Laziness. Resistance. Procrastination.

Call it what you will, we’re like little children stamping our feet and yelling “I don’t want to!”

Sounds silly, when we think about it. But our resisting could prove grave.

What might happen if we don’t finish our task? A relationship turns sour? An even more dreaded task looms? Good fortune wanes?

We need to consider the logical outcomes and ask ourselves, “Will the consequence of an unaccomplished task be more painful than the job itself?”

-Our Daily Practice, Venerable Wuling

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