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To Drift or to Steer - Which Will You Choose?

To drift or to steer - which will we choose?

Due to our karmas in past lifetimes, we have set the course for lifetimes to come. But our course is not fixed. We have the ability to change it through the many choices we make every day. It's like adjusting the flow of a river. By placing enough stones strategically, we can alter what seems inevitable.

Besides placement, we also need to decide the number of stones and their sizes. But don't drop them haphazardly the river might be diverted toward nearby houses. Position them wisely to guide the water, perhaps towards an unusually parched field.

So let's decide not to drift, like a wild untamed river. Let's avoid the obvious setbacks. Better to orchestrate the flow, no matter how few opportunities we get, to try to consciously make things better.

Don't get crushed in the rapids of sufferings. Don't drown in enjoyment. Slow things down to understand what is happening.

Redirect ourselves so that we can redirect others.

Help ourselves so that we can help others.


Our Daily Practice, Venerable Wuling


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