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The Amitabha Sutra - The Wonderfully Adorned Buddha Land

This Buddha-land is complete with all

these adornments and virtues.

Sakyamuni Buddha again told Sariputra that the Pure Land is wonderfully adorned. These adornments do not just flow from Amitabha Buddha’s vows and practice. They also flow from our mindfulness of his name and from our true nature. Therefore, we should never think that we are not good enough or fortunate enough to enjoy such incredible things.

At the other extreme, we should not be overly self-confident, imagining that we will assuredly be born in the Pure Land in this lifetime. We still need to follow the three requisites: have firm belief, vow to be born in the Pure Land, and practice diligently.

— Chapter 23, "Pure Mind, Compassionate Heart: Lessons from the Amitabha Sutra", Venerable Wuling

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