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The Amitabha Sutra - The Wonderful Adornments and Virtues

The Land of Ultimate Bliss is complete

with all these adornments and virtues.

In his commentary, Great Master Ouyi wrote of the two primary causes that resulted in all the wonderful aspects of the Pure Land.

First, the wonders come from the support of Amitabha Buddha. He vowed that if wonders arising from his inconceivable merits and virtues did not fill his land, he would not become a Buddha. Since we learn from Sakyamuni Buddha that Amitabha does indeed exist, we know that these wonderful aspects do indeed pervade the Pure Land.

Second, the Pure Land exists because of our own mind. As we chant Amitabha Buddha’s name we purify our mind. As it is purified, it merges with the mind of Amitabha. Amitabha’s vows and our pure mind result in a beautifully adorned and virtuous Pure Land.

— Chapter 13, "Pure Mind, Compassionate Heart: Lessons from the Amitabha Sutra", Venerable Wuling

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