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The Amitabha Sutra - The Buddha of Infinite Light

The light of this Buddha is infinite, and

shines on all lands throughout the universe

without obstruction. Thus this Buddha is

called Amitabha.

When Sariputra remained silent, Sakyamuni Buddha went on to explain Amitabha Buddha’s name in terms of infinite “light.” In the next passage, he spoke of Amitabha’s infinite “life.” “Infinite” describes that which is innate in the true nature: infinite wisdom, infinite virtues and abilities, and infinite auspicious marks. These three categories of infiniteness cover all the infinities in the entire universe.

In these passages from the sutra, light represents space and life represents time. Thus, infinite light and infinite life encompass all of space and all of time. They are used here to symbolize all infinities.

— Chapter 25, "Pure Mind, Compassionate Heart: Lessons from the Amitabha Sutra", Venerable Wuling

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