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It's a Lot Easier to Think Before Acting

It's a lot easier to think before acting than it is to find a good friend.

Thanks to our parents, who likely learned good manners from their own parents, most of us were taught how to behave in public. So, as adults, we are especially civil when interacting with strangers and acquaintances.

It seems, however, that we find a high level of civility difficult to maintain. And so at times we simply forget to be civil at all. Ironically, we feel so relaxed with those whom we spend the most time with, that we allow courtesy to fly out the proverbial window.

We end up treating strangers more respectfully - and more considerately - than we do family members and friends. While relatives will find it difficult to leave us, friends have fewer such restraints.

Although it will cause them distress, they can simply walk out of our life. All because we forgot to treat them with respect and consideration. We should remember close friendships are rare and need tending. Having few good friends, we can't afford carelessness, can't afford to lose a good friend.


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