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Do You Fear Causes or Results?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Bodhisattvas fear causes, sentient beings fear results.

Understanding that every cause will have a consequence, Bodhisattvas strive to avoid creating evil causes, while generating those that are good. This two-pronged approach allows these awakened beings to have the right conditions to continue along the path to enlightenment.

Unawakened beings, on the other hand, are like children who commit a misdeed but hope not to get caught. When their bad conduct is discovered, they may blame others or they may become defensive. They do not realise that such reactions are yet more causes, causes that will incur yet more painful results and more suffering.

To stop fearing results, we need to live wisely in the present instead of figuring out ways to escape the past.


By being continuously alert to what we do. To the causes we are creating. Without a cause, adverse consequences will not occur and we will have saved ourselves from their associated suffering.


Our Daily Practice, Venerable Wuling


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