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84,000 Paths Leading to the Peak

To attain the summit of a mountain in the most effective and enjoyable manner, climbers choose one route.

Depending on their abilities, some will prefer a more cautious approach, others a more challenging one. Having chosen their route, they do not deviate from it. The climbers do not keep trying different ones, or they will end up wandering around the mountain instead of climbing it, thus wasting time and energy.

Our practice is the same.

With the summit of enlightenment as our goal, we choose the path that best suits our conditions and abilities. Like the climbers, we also want to stick to our chosen route. Should we take our eyes off our goal, we can become enthralled by other paths.

This one looks easier! That one looks more challenging! I’ll try it! Enamored with exploring myriad options, we will end up circling the mountain.

And our goal to climb it and reach enlightenment? Lost.

-Our Daily Practice, Venerable Wuling

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