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About Master Chin Kung

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Aged in his 90s, Master Chin Kung has spent over 60 years in Buddhism Dharma talks across the world. He emphasizes that Buddhism is not a religion but an education for harmonious living. He regards religions as being the breeding ground for superstition. The Buddha, after all, was a teacher not a god, so it follows that a teacher educates.

Besides Dharma talks, Master Chin Kung made great contributions towards various medical, education and charity works for different countries, religions and ethnic groups. He stayed in Singapore during 1997-2000 and devoted to the unification of the nine religions in Singapore. His successful effort has proved that different religions in the world can be united. He devotes his time to world peace, interfaith harmony, and propagation of education for loving-kindness and peace. He was successively awarded the titles of Honorary Citizen of Texas, Honorary Citizen of Dallas, Honorary Citizen of Toowoomba of Australia, Highest Honour of Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs, Honorary Doctorate of Griffith University and the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, and the SyarifHidayatullah State Islamic University-Jakarta in Indonesia. In 2005, he was awarded the Order of Australia (AM) from the British Queen, which acknowledged the Master’s outstanding contribution to multicultural education and religious unification. The master’s footprints have covered the five continents of the Earth in the past half a century. He attended many international peace conferences as a university representative; he accompanies the nine-religion delegation from Singapore and the five-religion delegation from Indonesia to visit religious sites and universities in China, Rome and Egypt, etc.

Dedicating his entire life to the propagation of ethic and moral education, Master Chin Kung has touched the hearts of innumerable people with his notion of unifying all ethnic and religious groups to recover world peace. Since 2005, the UNESCO invited him to participate world peace conferences as key note speakers in the past few years. These conferences were attended by Ambassadors of nearly 200 hundred countries from all over the world, the Director-General of the UNESCO as well as higher officials of France. The conferences have profound meaning to all religious followers and peace lovers.

Over the past decades, under the guidance of Master Chin Kung, Amitabha Buddhist Associations worldwide/Pure Land Centres have been established with the purpose of learning and practice Pure Land Buddhism and the teachings of the saints and sages. The Amitabha Buddhist Association of New South Wales Inc. is one of the Pure Land Centres. Although Master Chin Kung does not exercise direct control over his many centres throughout the world, his centres, whether known as Amitabha Buddhist Association, Amitabha Buddhist Societies, or Pure Land Learning Colleges, are dedicated to propagation of the Pure Land teaching and education, multi-faith peace activities.



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